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We made a change in the name because who knows if we'll live at 2566 forever, but we will be The Brookers forever and gosh darnit we're happy!

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Aaron + Laura

All the stockings were hung ...

Mojitos were served!

Howie put on his best sweater.

The weather outside was frightful ...

but inside, oh so delightful!

Crab leg tradition continues!

Snow walk 2009.

Aaron gearing up for his first snowmobile adventure!

Oh brother!

Cole Family (left to right)
Back: Chuck, Sue, Holly, Valerie, Beth, Gary
Front: Grandma Helen, Laura and Jeff

The girls (left to right): Holly, Valerie, Laura

The Brookers

Aaron and "Omaha Grandma"

Brothers scratching their lotto tickets.

Jim got a new favorite shirt! How funny!

The stockings! Over the top, so much fun!

A little friendly competition.

{images reblogged from http://thebookofsecrets.tumblr.com}

1. Life Coach Training from the mothership (a.k.a. my hometown). Here are the details straight from The WebServant herself.

2. Find 10 red balloons, win $40,000 dollars from the Pentagon. http://bit.ly/933p53

3. eCreamery custom ice cream & gelato shop where you choose your own flavors, mix-ins, packaging, even your own ice cream name. Great gift packaging and I'm telling you, so delish.

4. My friend Jeff Slobotski and a great cover story about Omaha's creative community in The Reader.

5. Breakfast with Aaron every day this week!!!!

What about you, how was your week?

Only 20 shopping days until Christmas Eve, I've got A LOT to do. We're having Thanksgiving yet again with friends this weekend and I'm planning to squeeze a little holiday shopping in as well.

Have a great weekend lovely friends & family!

The wedding weekend has come and gone and what a wonderful weekend! Sadly, I forgot my camera. Doh.

Luckily! Khara Plicanic owner of Kabloom Photography, has posted some beautiful photos on her blog! Go, go now!

Here are a few photos. They are so, so good! Congratulations Jacob & Lindsey. We love you!

Jacob & Lindsey are so cute. Look at them!

They're getting married this weekend and the theme is very much natural, nature-ish, brown and green. I couldn't find a good inspiration board to show you what I mean, but its going to be beautiful. I just know it!

Their invitations were etched wood.

Her mom made her dress. Bless her!
They are having their wedding here.

AND...they are having a candy bar :) tee hee. I love it!

I will update with actual photos of the celebration. I can't wait! Ta ta for now. Watch for Friday favorites tomorrow :)

Love to you all~A+L

We're still here!

Happy November 2009 !

You know what that means.............Aaron is 27!!

Here's a picture from Uncle Doug, Aaron is four years old!! So cute :)

"I had a happy birthday" he said. He got nearly everything on his birthday list, normal for Brooker boys :) We hung out with our neighbors and passed out candy. We went for dinner at (where else?) the Ethiopian restaurant near our house. It was tasty as usual. No really, its great! We went to a scary movie after that.

Thank you all for the gifts and cards!

Basketball season has begun so Aaron goes to school at 6:30 am and gets home in time for dinner. I am working hard at the Chamber. I've been there three months now and I'm starting to get the hang of things. I've made a ton of mistakes so far and, oh yeah, there are many more to come! Gotta learn I guess .... any advice for transition?

In other news, I got to visit my best friend Monica last weekend and see their new house and do some trick or treating with Miss Giana.

Her grandma made her costume for her--she was the cutest duck ever! I didn't get a very good photos, but trust me, it was adorable!

What else?

Jake & Lindsey are tying the knot next weekend! Aaron is the best man and I'm singing a song. My mom and dad get to come, too, so that will be fun. I miss them and who doesn't love a weekend at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln? I can't wait! I will do my best to capture some photos for you.

Oh, I almost forgot...

Happy Birthday Grandma!

To the best pie makin', bingo playing, basketball watchin', picture takin', rabbit shootin', city girl turned farm girl that made a difference in my life. Summertime at your house is the still the best time ever! I love you!

And happy (early) birthday to you Holly! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

P.S. Dear readers, don't be strangers. Feel free to comment. We write for you :) Lots of love!

Chill Out party was fabulous! Here are a few snapshots from the evening...

MMm - marshmallows!

Lovely M came to visit and help get everything set up!

We've been friends a long time!


The food table. Pizza. Fondue. Veggies. Mini pumpkin pie. Punch. Cider. Hot Chocolate. S'mores. You get the idea!

Party on the patio!

A full house.

Original 2566.

How was your weekend?